More about Ashlee

Having a schedule to follow (thanks mom) and a to-do list to tackle is my jam! I'm one of those quirky people who adds things to my list so I can have the satisfaction of crossing them off when they're completed. The good news about my “to-do list loving self” is that your emails, I will quickly reply to and you seeing your images as quickly as possible makes me equally as giddy!

When I'm not holding a camera or in front of my computer editing I am hanging out with my dearest husband of 10 years (wow has it been that long already?!) and sweetest step-son. You can find us out exploring in the woods or chowing down on some mexican food! I cherish the moments with my little family and know that every memory is a gift that I never want to forget! 

I start every day with a dog in my face and a coffee in my hand. Routines make me HAPPY!

starbucks or dunkin'

city living or country

good movie or good book

breakfast or dinner

up early or stay up late

target or amazon

(just kidding...who could really choose??)

this or that?

My faves

My pup Maizey


I love all dogs in general but Pits have my whole heart! My girl Maizey is the best cuddler there ever was!



No day can start without it and no day is complete without at least 2! My go to… Caramel Macchiato extra hot. 



I want my house to smell like fresh baked goodies at all times without ever needing to turn on the oven.